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Regional Data Snapshot

North Central Florida Regional Population (2013):  1,090,448 (5.6% of state)
Percentage of Population for Workforce (2013):   Over 60% between ages of 20-64.
Total Jobs in Region (2103):  387,559
Average Earnings for Workforce (2013): $47,451.

Average Earnings By Selected Industry (2013)

Utilities, $117,174; Management, $71,976; Professional Scientific, $67,142; Mining, Quarrying, $62,729; Manufacturing, $60,802; Information, $59,613; Health Care, $51,973;  Transportation and Warehousing, $47,270; Construction, $42,821

Leading Industries (2013)

Government—NAICS Code 90 (29%), Health Care—NAICS Code 62 (15%), Retail Trade—NAICS Code 44 (13%), Accommodation and Food—NAICS Code 72 (10%), Professional Scientific—NAICS Code 54 (5%), Manufacturing—NAICS Code 31(5%), Construction—NAICS Code 23 (5%), and Administrative and Support—NAICS Code 56(5%).

Gross Regional Product (2012):  $32,833,664,681
Exports (2012):  $50,399,785,168
Imports (2012):  $49,225,968,626

Top College Program Completions (2012)  

Liberal arts and sciences:  7,014 (23%)
Health Professions:  5,393 (18%)
Business Management:  5,090 (17%)
Social Sciences:  3,474 (11%)
Engineering:  2,670 (9%)

Florida’s Commercial and Industrial Electric providers are below national averages in almost every category.
View their utilities summary by Clicking Here.

Data Sources Provided by including EMSI, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity