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Technology & Healthcare Industries in North Central Florida

Healthcare services is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States, and North Central Florida is a great location to base your healthcare business, thanks to several strategic advantages of the region.

Higher Education Research Facilities

Florida’s two leading research universities, Florida State University and the University of Florida -- located in North Central Florida -- provide advanced healthcare services and promote health and technology research.

Taxes & Incentives

The State of Florida offers excellent tax advantages and incentives to all types of businesses locating in Florida, from corporate headquarters to manufacturing plants to service firms. Explore Enterprise Florida’s thorough website for more details on targeted industry incentives, workforce training incentives and many more programs.

Workforce Development

Florida is on leading edge when it comes to workforce development and training programs. In fact, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recognized Florida as a top ranking state in the nation for “Talent Pipeline”. Florida has gone to great lengths to create innovative workforce programs and foster an environment of growth and progress.

A Statewide Perspective

  • Florida has a vibrant health care sector that encompasses one of the largest and most sophisticated health care systems in the country
  • According to the FDA, Florida ranks 2nd in the U.S. for the number of FDA-registered medical device establishments
  • Nearly 19,000 Floridians work in this industry, with a large number of companies located in the Jacksonville area

Major Employers